Friday, April 29, 2011

Anthropologie gets Creative with Corks

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If you've been shopping at Anthropologie lately, you might have noticed a jar on the checkout counter soliciting wine corks. As it turns out, the store clerks aren't hoarders, but they've been collecting those bottle stoppers for a special window display project to celebrate Earth Day (April 22). The bohemian retailer has teamed up with the Cork Forest Conservation Alliance (CFCA) to promote the use of natural corks and educate shoppers about the sustainable resource. To spark the dialogue, it'll be using more than two million corks in its famously creative window displays this month, and each display will be unique to the store, created by its in-house, visual artists. In addition to staff and shoppers, Whole Foods has also hopped on the bandwagon and agreed to donate corks.
But what, you ask, is to come of these millions of corks when it's time for Anthroplogie to wow us with another jaw-dropping display? The installations will actually be available for "adoption" after Earth Day, in exchange for a contribution to CFCA. Remaining corks will be returned to the organization and recycled through its Cork ReHarvest program.
Want to get creative yourself with all those spare wine corks you have laying around? Anthropologie will be hosting a free workshop series at more than 60 locations during Earth Week, where kids and adults can learn to make cork animals, craft recycled cork planters, and more. Just head to the shop's Facebook page to learn more details.
Come along and check out some of the outstanding cork window displays Anthroplogie's artist have crafted!
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** It is so incredible to see what beauty they created. Sigh... I didn't know I could love Anthropologie anymore than I already did. I had the pleasure of working at Willamette Valley Vineyards when Cork ReHarvest was founded and it is a hardworking non-profit advocating for sustainability, the Portuguese cork forests, workforce and wildlife. 

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