Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Beautiful Truth

"The blueprint for our future, cancer, is a bio-code gone wrong, and it's delighted by what we do to feed it." - The Beautiful Truth

Last night I watched an eye-opening documentary called The Beautiful Truth (thanks to Netflix), which centers around the Gerson Therapy of healing your body through natural foods. The film discusses many food-related topics such as MSG, aspartame, mercury used in dental practices, genetically-modified foods, and fluoride additions to water supplies that are all legal and all carcinogens.

MSG is marketed as a flavor enhancer and added to more processed foods than you'd like to hear. It has been studied numerously with results indicating it causes brain damage, endocrine disorders, retinal degeneration, behavior disorders, learning disabilities, reproductive disorders, obesity and more. Notice MSG isn't labeled on our foods? There is an organization combatting that problem, Truth in Labeling.

The dangers of aspartame poisoning have been a well guarded secret since the 1980s. Aspartame is a true toxin. No other food can be provided as a comparison to the toxic nature of NutraSweet. Upon closer examination, the available research revealed that the manufacturer (Monsanto) and the FDA are manipulating the public into thinking that aspartame is safe. It is not. There are over 92 different health side effects association with aspartame consumption. Watching this segment almost made me throw-up considering I am a huge Diet Coke addict- I'm switching to home-brewed iced tea, which will also lower my carbon-footprint of plastic bottles. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

There are over 1,000 tons of mercury in American's mouths thanks to the American Dental Association. Mercury is the most poisonous non-radioactive metal and it was used as fillings. Although it is not currently in use, it is not being removed either. It has been proven that dental hygienists suffer from very high rates of infertility. It is scary to think that the air quality at the dentist office could be toxic with mercury and not regulated.

Isn't it crazy that large pesticide/herbicide companies now control a majority of food supply? Well, to clarify, processed food supply. Monsanto and ConAgra are just two of the companies that are monopolizing seeds through patents (which should be illegal) and genetically altering non-toxic foods into becoming toxic. Corn, soy and cotton are among the most genetically-modified crops.

A doctor researched dental hygiene among native cultures and found no cases of tooth-decay until the cultures were exposed to processed foods like refined sugar and white flour. We now add fluoride to our water supplies, yet ingested fluoride has never proven to prevent cavities, only topical fluoride.  Cities like Juneau, Alaska are now repealing the practice.

It was an eerie feeling watching and learning that our food is contaminated to the point it is killing us. I have seen it before in documentaries like Food, Inc., but I have never seen it compared to disease this significantly. I understand it is a documentary making a point, but the point is evident everywhere. The cure for many of our most-threatening illnesses is to mindfully eat sustainably/organic/non-toxic foods. There is simply to much money to be made by the food and drug corporations and to too much money used to steer politicians into not taking action. It is horrifying to think about.

At times I get anxiety going to the grocery store because it seems like there is nothing to eat. It's not true, it just takes more preparation, awareness, and sadly, money, to find. It helps to shop at a farmers' markets or stores that focus on natural and organic options. Our mindsets have to change from quick and ready to slow and thoughtful food decisions. There are many useful sites to find a farmers' market near you, like Local Harvest.

The Beautiful Truth left with a message of hope. There are solutions and cures already available, we just have to use them.

I'll leave you with the trailer to the movie. It would be a wise-spent hour and a half:


Mandi Blythe said...

this is great christine. thanks for posting all that info. now i want to read the book and watch the movie.

Heaven said...

thank you!! I am on this path and have been exploring for the past 2 + years. It's not easy at times, and then.. actually so simple. I'm finding the process of healing to be such a gift.